Saturday, June 25, 2011

DODOMA REGIONAL POLICE FORCE - Supports EITF Youth Program on Good Governance

The Regional Police Commander (RPC) of Dodoma has opened a new chapter to Partner with EITF on supporting the Youth Program which involves more than 400 youth from Hombolo-Bwawani Village and three nearby villages (Mkoyo, Zepisa and Makulu).

This program has organized by EITF and it has enable Youth to share their experience and learn through sports program the ‘Hombolo Football Tournament’ with the main theme Changing Thinking, Change Life’.

                                  Photo: Youth representatives leaders with facilitators Police Force
Through the help of Dodoma Police Office - especially RPC with ‘Polisi Jamii Department’, the Hombolo Youth got opportunity to learnt about the following issues from facilitators:
  • Good governance
  • How to have and maintain local security groups
  • How to maintain peace in their area
  • Peer groups influence
  • How to help the victims of drugs
  • How to form productive groups
  • Who is suppose to make sure the society is safe

Two Photos below the SSP Mwangupili on behalf of Dodoma RPC handed a present of eight (8) footballs to support the EITF youth program and promised to add more. This shows the bond which is existing to the current Police force system 'Community Policing' which the Hombolo youth paved the way

                       Above: the Hombolo EITF- Coordinator Dr. E. Muhembano and VEO- Mr. Lister Sakalani
                       give appreciation on behalf of youth and other village leaders.

                         After the seminar of Community Policing Dr. Muhembano gave balls to teams Captains.

In 2006 the Tanzania Police Force embarked on aggressive efforts to involve community in policing. The effort aimed at changing the way the Police think and act. This was a revolutionary movement that broadens the Police mandate beyond a narrow on fighting crime. It emphasizes the establishment of Police – Community partnerships and a problem solving approach responsive to the needs of the community.
Involvement of the community in policing, that is Community Policing, today guides Tanzania Police Force management styles and operational strategies. It is based on the assumption that the objectives of the Tanzania Police Force, namely the prevention, combating and investigation of crime; the maintenance of Public order, the provision of protection and security to inhabitants of the United Republic and their property; and upholding and enforcing the law, can only be achieved effectively and efficiently though the collaborative effort of the Tanzania Police Force, other government institutions, the organizations and structures of civil society and individual citizens.
A major objective of Community Policing is to establish an active partnership between the Police and Community through which crime, service delivery and Police – Community relations can jointly be analyzed, problems discussed and appropriate solutions designed and implemented. This, however, requires that the Police should consciously strive to create atmosphere in which potential community partners are willing and able to co-operate with the Police.

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